Structuring Our Services to Client Needs

Service Station Vehicle Impact Damage

Investigation Services

The first step to a solution is defining the problem. A typical investigation includes a site visit to conduct field observations, record measurements, take photographs, and collect physical evidence from the site. If needed, our office will coordinate with other experts, consultants, and testing laboratories.

Report Preparation

Once the data and evidence has been collected, our staff evaluates them and prepares a written report with our conclusions and expert opinions regarding the cause and extent of the distress. Often our clients will request general recommendations for repair and/or detailed drawings of the recommended repair, so cost estimating can be generated.

When the need arises, our professionals will develop creative ways to present complex investigations and data analyses so they can be easily understood by a larger more diverse audience.

Remedial Repairs

In situations when a client requests remedial repair designs, our staff selects a course of action that is:

Cost Effective

Damage Consultants, Inc. then provides the necessary drawings, calculations, estimates and permit processing assistance to assure a successful repair. Clients often retain our services throughout the repair process to ensure that repairs are made as designed and any changes requested are fully analyzed, approved and documented.

Roof collapse caused by heavy snow
Precast highway bridge damaged by mobile crane
Foundation crack widened by earthquake

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